Life Rupis – Conservation of Egyptian Vulture and Bonelli’s Eagle in the Douro Valley’ is a transboundary conservation project, with a duration of 4 years (2015 – 2019), co-financed by the European Union through the LIFE Programme funding instrument. The project, which takes place on the Portuguese-Spanish border,across the protected areas of the International Douro River, the valley of Águeda River, and Arribes del Duero, aims to strengthen the populations of Egyptian Vulture and Bonelli’s Eagle in these areas by reducing mortality and improving breeding success. Other raptor species like the Black Vulture and the Red Kite will also benefit from the project actions.
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New paper: Vultures indirectly regulate the abundance of foxes through limiting their access to carrion
A new article was shared by the Life Rupis partner VCF and shows that that vultures can indirectly regulate the abundance of facultative scavengers through modulating their access to carrion resources.
A visitor from Spain in the Life Rupis area
Recently some photos of a colour-ringed Egyptian vulture, taken last Spring (May 2016) in a supplementary feeding station in the Faia Brava Reserve (Coa valley, Douro) have emerged.
There is a new Nature Festival in Portugal
The Life Rupis project is co-organizing ObservArribas,a new Birdwatching and Nature Festival, right in the heart of the Douro International area.