Life Rupis – Conservation of Egyptian Vulture and Bonelli’s Eagle in the Douro Valley’ (LIFE14 NAT/PT/000855) is a transboundary conservation project, with a duration of 4 years (2015 – 2019), co-financed by the European Union through the LIFE Programme funding instrument.

The project, which takes place on the Portuguese-Spanish border,across the protected areas of the International Douro River, the valley of Águeda River, and Arribes del Duero, aims to strengthen the populations of Egyptian Vulture and Bonelli’s Eagle in these areas by reducing mortality and improving breeding success. Other raptor species like the Black Vulture and the Red Kite will also benefit from the project actions.

Layman's Report published

Discover how we demonstrated this region’s value and potential, and the importance of continuing to protect them.

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LIFE Rupis, preserving the vultures and eagles of the Douro canyon
In the LIFE Rupis project, we took an integrated approach to the conservation of natural values, based on combining nature protection and the development of the unique region of the international Douro canyon. We joined forces across two countries united by a river to ensure the conservation of threatened birds, which know no borders. The project demonstrated this region’s value and potential, and the importance of continuing to protect them.
Lechuga returns home
One of the only 2 Cinereous Vultures hatched in the Douro canyon in 2020 returns to home ground for the 1st time
On film: poison, supplementary feeding and powerlines
New videos show some of the project's crucial work to protect vultures, eagles and other birds.